Customer Applications Case Examples - Riveting


Customer Industry/Description of Problem

  • Aircraft production facility
  • Significant injury problems associated with use of heavy rivet gun

Known Data Regarding the Application

  • 28 lb. Rivet Gun used overhead and held a shoulder level for applying rivet to fuselage
  • Work area includes long sections of the fuselage and elevated areas

Solutions Considered

  • Original offer to mount the arm on a vertical slide rail
  • Customer decided to purchase arms along with gimbals and 2-axis mount and make their own slide rail system

Reasons for Final Solution Selection

  • Large ring gimbal provided the right size and range of motion for the various angles at which rivets were applied

Customer Benefits (ROI)

  • Injury avoidance
  • Reduced downtime due to exhaustion
  • Improved quality due to more precision in guidance of the tool